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This page describes a list of known reference applications built with the Geomajas framework. If you want your project to be added to this list, please contact us through the forum or mailing list.

EnviroAir 2.0

The EnviroAir program is a tool used by several counties within the Sacramento Valley Air Basin for mananging agricultural burning as well as emmission reduction credits that are a product of perminant reductions in rice straw burning.

The program is browser based and was built upon the Geomajas enterprise-ready framework.

Please note the application is a work in progress, some features including the user manual are not complete.

By www.waycompany.com

TRC Maps

Demonstration application for the Tablelands Regional Council in Australia. All layers are supplied by the internal GIS department www.atgis.com.au and the point markers are sourced from http://code.google.com/p/google-maps-icons/.

The software technology stack is:

  • Geomajas 1.9
  • GeoServer 2.1.1
  • Postgis 1.5.3
  • Ubuntu Server 10.04



Ministry of Agriculture: GeoPortal

With this new online service the Flemish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries provides agriculturists to consult their actual and historical company data. It allows them also to fill in and file support forms online. For the geographical component of this website Geomajas has been selected.

The following movies demonstrate how Geomajas is seamlessly integrated into the DotNet website of the Flemish Ministry: Online geometry editing - Online geometry splitting - Online geometry merging


Flanders is a region with many Small & Medium seized business (SMB). Until early 2010 there was no map available with the exact location of all these companies. Especially (local) governments had no precise idea about the number of companies and their exact location.

The goal of the VKBO GeoGUI project is to create a map of all companies, industrial areas etc in the regions of Flanders and Brussels. With this project citizens, govenment officials and business entrepreneurs can get a clear view of economic activities in their region.


  • Customer: Soilmate

This is a proof-of-concept app built with Geomajas. The idea came from an entrepreneur active in the real-estate industry. He wanted an application wherein players in the real-estate market are brought into a virtual marketplace where all transactions could be handled immediately and online.

Using Geomajas, this proof-of-concept was built in less than 8 days. Proof that a good idea and a fast development can go hand-in-hand.


Each plot in Flanders has got a destination. This can vary from nature, wood or agriculture to industry, construction, etc… Each plot has also a certain value depending on the destination.

However, in the time the destination may be modified so that the value of the plot also can be changed. If there is a decrease in value one speaks of a “plan damage”. On the other hand if the value is increasing a “plan profit” takes place and in this case the owner of the plot will be charged for the capital gain due to the destination modification.

The scope of this project was to develop a geoportal which is able to import XML files, coming of both the municipalities, provinces and the Flemish district himself, can validate (part of) the plots with respect to their “plan profits” and can send the information to the responsible service who can charge the owners. This geoportal has been developed by means of the open source Geomajas framework.


For the management of all data with regard to the recreational routes and networks Westtoer has chosen for the geographical information system Geomajas.

This framework allows also adding simply infrastructure elements. An extra module has been made for adding new infrastructure elements (object + coordinate) by means of a PDA or an equivalent mobile apparatus on the basis of a Java script compatible browser.

Student transport

Automation of the right to individual and/or collective transport of students for the government Department Education. Applications are initiated by the school by means of a web application. This application has been protected with eID. These applications afterwards are treated automatically and on-the-fly thanks to a performant and precise routing (calculation of distance) between the place of residence of the student and the closest school which qualifies for that specific student. The routing and calculation of distances are realized on the basis of the open source Geomajas framework. The lead time from an application has been reduced up to some minutes in the place of some days formerly.


To draw a qualitative spatial policy and in particular a municipal housing policy it is important to have insight in the available space.

The register not cultivated plots (ROP) is an important instrument, this both at the level of the district, the provinces and municipalities. It maps the currently still available not cultivated areas and gives insight of the total quantity not cultivated plots.

Objective of this project is by municipality to create a list of all not cultivated plots which have the potential to cultivate.

Annual actualizing this new geoportal, realized with the open source Geomajas framework, allows succeeding the evolution of ground stock permanent.