Client GWT 1.15.1


For Users

If you are interested in trying out Geomajas as a user, we recommend you download a stand-alone Geomajas application and go through the getting started documentation:

For Developers

For developers, we provide 2 approaches:

  • Fork the quickstart application on Github to get you started.
  • If you want to add the Geomajas Client library to an existing application: read the documentation below.

Community & Docs

- All related documentation and configuration.
- All related documentation and configuration.
- Visit the Java API docs for this plug-in.

Using this project in maven

In order to use this plug-in in your Maven-project, add the following dependency to the pom.xml:
Release Notes


  • [GWT-600] - In IE top window contents of showcase are not loaded correctly
  • [GWT-638] - Fix IE11 issues in showcase
  • [GWT-647] - Destroy associated graphics object when map widget is destroyed
  • [GWT-648] - Scale select widget shows no scales
  • [GWT-649] - Sample panel is not resized correctly in IE11
  • [GWT-651] - layer tree window too high in the sample of widget layer plugin
  • [GWT-652] - No items loaded in editable grid sample (IE)
  • [GWT-653] - fix editable grid sample configuration
  • [GWT-656] - toolbar buttons of ToolbarMeasureAreaLocationSample are small
  • [GWT-664] - ZoomQueue: zoomprevious is enabled on startup.
  • [GWT-690] - Change About Geomajas url from SVN to Github


  • [GWT-641] - MeasureDistanceController enable showing current mouse position
  • [GWT-646] - Create Toolbar constuctor that takes button size as argument
  • [GWT-685] - to stable version of server 1.16.0 and client gwt2 2.1.0-M2


  • [GWT-603] - Fix zoomin / zoomout in showcase samples
  • [GWT-618] - Add Editor wrapper for CheckboxItem
  • [GWT-634] - Remove api module and replace by gwt2 dependency
  • [GWT-650] - Move layer widget samples to layer widget plug-in category
  • [GWT-654] - remove properties maximumScale/minimumScale from layers configurations
  • [GWT-662] - enable adding canvas mapAddon: add an example
  • [GWT-693] - Assemble javadoc in documentation modules
  • [GWT-695] - Update versions
  • [GWT-697] - Change powered by logo
  • [GWT-698] - Update flavicons