Client GWT 2.0.0


For Users

If you are interested in trying out Geomajas as a user, we recommend you download a stand-alone Geomajas application and go through the getting started documentation:

For Developers

For developers, we provide 2 approaches:

  • Fork the quickstart application on Github to get you started.
  • If you want to add the Geomajas Client library to an existing application: read the documentation below.

Community & Docs

- All related documentation and configuration.
- All related documentation and configuration.
- Visit the Java API docs for this plug-in.

Using this project in maven

In order to use this plug-in in your Maven-project, add the following dependency to the pom.xml:
Release Notes

Release Notes - Geomajas GWT2 client - Version 2.0.0


  • [GWTII-39] - If one animated repositioning of the map is still busy, a second one is ignored
  • [GWTII-40] - Vector objects added to the mapPresenter's WorldContainer are not moved when the map is resized + recentered
  • [GWTII-60] - printing plug-in contains a wrong dependency to jai-core instead of jai_core
  • [GWTII-62] - NPE when opacity of layer is set before the layer is added to the layers model
  • [GWTII-63] - WMS GetFeatureInfo does not correctly parse Dates and BigDecimals
  • [GWTII-64] - The DPI parameter in the Legend graphic URL should have a default value of 91 and be configurable
  • [GWTII-65] - Add support for style changing. A WMS layer should somehow know what styles it has available (if it was instantiated through a GetCapabilities request)
  • [GWTII-66] - The setOpacity method should not fire LayerStyleChangedEvents.
  • [GWTII-67] - Making a WMS layer invisible before adding it to the map ignores the visibility setting.
  • [GWTII-68] - Potential mismatch between bounding box of a layer and the assumed CRS
  • [GWTII-69] - Font style specified when calculating the legend image URL has apart from the fontName no effect (if Geoserver)
  • [GWTII-82] - When feature of type Point is selected the radius is not parsed from the xml configuration
  • [GWTII-83] - Images/world objects are not displayed when zooming in to more than 50m (scale resolution)
  • [GWTII-84] - Graphics group does not pass on scaling/transformation to children when scalex,scaley=1 or dx,dy=0
  • [GWTII-85] - Map layer Transparancy (Opacity) is sometimes applied twice in IE9 + IE10
  • [GWTII-86] - Moving a client layer (e.g. WMS client) up or down causes NPE and messes up the layers model
  • [GWTII-87] - Default command exception dialog is not centered and closeable
  • [GWTII-88] - geomajasContext: incorrect references to server side projects
  • [GWTII-89] - Calling map initialization immediately after adding the map fails in chrome with "100%" parse error
  • [GWTII-102] - common on gwt2 client: using prioritised rule can overwrite successful previous ones
  • [GWTII-103] - polygon edges cannot intersect: they can upon inserting vertex
  • [GWTII-104] - removing double dependencies (different versions)
  • [GWTII-105] - Can't remove point by dragging to neighbour in IE9
  • [GWTII-107] - Add setVisible method to GeometryRenderer
  • [GWTII-114] - JsGeometryHandlerFactory returns wrong index


  • [GWTII-51] - Finishing API for release
  • [GWTII-54] - Make addition to gwt-graphics project to enable transformable objects
  • [GWTII-55] - Use deferred binding to discriminate between SVG/VML in VectorGroup
  • [GWTII-59] - The ViewPort should work with resolutions instead of scales.
  • [GWTII-76] - Forward the invocation of onCommunicationException and onCommandException for a GetFeatureInfo command to the caller
  • [GWTII-98] - Missing public getters for userX,userY in GWT graphics Ellipse/Path
  • [GWTII-99] - GraphicsEditing plugin: review code
  • [GWTII-100] - Merge commits from the gwt face 2.0.0 that were inteded for puregwt
  • [GWTII-117] - Complete internationalization

New Feature

  • [GWTII-41] - Add support for world-transformable HTML widgets to the map
  • [GWTII-56] - Add support for vector tiles in map rendering (SVG/VML)
  • [GWTII-77] - XY axis order should be configurable
  • [GWTII-78] - Create a legend widget for WMS layers
  • [GWTII-79] - Add support for maximum coordinates in WMS GetFeatureInfo request to simplify complex geometries.
  • [GWTII-80] - Make sure the browser does not cache WMS GetCapabilities requests
  • [GWTII-81] - Make sure a WMS layer can search within a location (any geometry shape)
  • [GWTII-109] - Customize the vertex (point) shape and size
  • [GWTII-110] - Allow removing point of polygon/line by dragging it over any point
  • [GWTII-112] - Enable client side check when editing vertices of a polygon: will resulting line intersect with existing lines
  • [GWTII-113] - gwt: extend context menu of GEP-67


  • [GWTII-53] - Implement scaling part of VectorGroup transformation for IE
  • [GWTII-57] - editing plugin: rename package
  • [GWTII-61] - Add support for the GWT client 2.0 and adjust naming as such.
  • [GWTII-70] - Support for printing of WMS client layer specifying the tiles via a local controller
  • [GWTII-71] - Support for limiting the visibility by specification of a scale range (MinimumScale and MaximumScale)
  • [GWTII-72] - Add support for the GWT client 2.0 and adjust naming as such.
  • [GWTII-73] - Why do we need to calculate the minimum and maximum scales for WMS layers in advance? Why not when they are added to a map?
  • [GWTII-74] - Keeping up-to-date with the GWT client API
  • [GWTII-75] - Create showcase examples for the WMS client plugin
  • [GWTII-90] - Remove reference to FeatureStyleInfo from GfxUtil
  • [GWTII-91] - Expose index of vector objects in container
  • [GWTII-92] - Rectangle in world space should be defined by lower-left corner
  • [GWTII-93] - Add support for rendering points/multipoints to GfxUtil
  • [GWTII-94] - Add documentation in graphicsEditing plugin
  • [GWTII-95] - Move Transparent interface to gwt-graphics
  • [GWTII-96] - Move dash-array for Strokeable objects to GWT graphics library
  • [GWTII-97] - Add GeometryPath class for fast SVG/VML geometry rendering
  • [GWTII-111] - gwt-javascript: enable registration of MouseOver/MouseOut events of vertex
  • [GWTII-115] - Add 1000 points polygon sample
  • [GWTII-116] - Upgrade to stable pure GWT 1.0.0 api
  • [GWTII-118] - Add support for the GWT client 2.0 and adjust naming as such.
  • [GWTII-119] - Update dependency to gwt2 client
  • [GWTII-120] - gwt2 api: set all @since indications higher than 2.0.0 to 2.0.0