Client GWT 2.1.1


For Users

If you are interested in trying out Geomajas as a user, we recommend you download a stand-alone Geomajas application and go through the getting started documentation:

For Developers

For developers, we provide 2 approaches:

  • Fork the quickstart application on Github to get you started.
  • If you want to add the Geomajas Client library to an existing application: read the documentation below.

Community & Docs

- All related documentation and configuration.
- All related documentation and configuration.
- Visit the Java API docs for this plug-in.

Using this project in maven

In order to use this plug-in in your Maven-project, add the following dependency to the pom.xml:
Release Notes


  • [GWTII-4] - Internationalisation of print legend title: correct locale string send to server
  • [GWTII-9] - Lines in display of raster layer
  • [GWTII-10] - When no maximum bounds are provided to the map, the wms client get's in a giant loop
  • [GWTII-29] - NavigationController: Shift+Mouse-click should not zoom out to the maximal map extent
  • [GWTII-32] - Selected (multi-)linestrings features are rendered with a visible fill (after closing the path)
  • [GWTII-198] - Adding multiple world paintable canvasses to the map only shows elements drawn on the first canvas
  • [GWTII-201] - Server Layers uses /tms/ from rasterizing but server-extension doesn't depend on rasterizing
  • [GWTII-206] - Providing an URL to an HTML page for fetching WMS capabilities results in an exception that is not caught by the WmsService


  • [GWTII-22] - Allow definition of maximum tile level for wms layers
  • [GWTII-38] - Define common css styling sheet using GWT resource bundle
  • [GWTII-156] - Remove client-gwt2 print common code and put in server project
  • [GWTII-164] - Add feature info to showcase
  • [GWTII-174] - Add print plugin to release 2.1.0 branch
  • [GWTII-175] - Add geocoder plugin to release 2.1.0 branch

New Feature

  • [GWTII-25] - Make sure that the user is able to select which MapGadgets to use by default. (panning, zooming, scalebar, ...). The default list should be available through the API.
  • [GWTII-44] - Add geocoder plugin with basic geocoding functionality (textbox)


  • [GWTII-2] - Add unit test for functionality of GEP-79 : including filer(s)
  • [GWTII-35] - Layer keyword values returned by getKeywords() are not trimmed
  • [GWTII-37] - Support for multiple <MetadataURL> elements in de WMS getCapabilities response
  • [GWTII-143] - Sample for apply bounds
  • [GWTII-171] - Cleanup master - move unsupported plugins to an integration branch.
  • [GWTII-179] - Add CoreWidget plugin
  • [GWTII-190] - Add client-side OSM layer to TMS plugin.
  • [GWTII-199] - Assemble javadoc in documentation modules
  • [GWTII-203] - Add example for rendering image on Canvas
  • [GWTII-204] - min and max scale denominator not parsed correctly
  • [GWTII-205] - Add support for a different ID and title for the TMS layer
  • [GWTII-208] - Cleanup master - move unsupported plugins to separate branch: graphicsediting
  • [GWTII-209] - Remove standalone example modules of plugins
  • [GWTII-210] - Merge integration branch to master branch
  • [GWTII-212] - remove hibernate plugin dependency from api module
  • [GWTII-213] - Update dependencies
  • [GWTII-214] - Add javadoc module for tile based layer plugin
  • [GWTII-219] - Refactor CoreWidget plugin to follow GWT2 structure
  • [GWTII-220] - Remove source dependencies from javadoc poms
  • [GWTII-221] - Change powered by logo
  • [GWTII-224] - Update icons/logos and header in example-base