About Geomajas Client

The Geomajas client is a modern open source GWT library for interactive maps. It takes advantage of the latest HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities.  It provides a well-documented and easy-to-use mapping API for the browser, similar to Google Maps. The client supports various spatial data sources incl. WMS, TMS and OSM. It also bundles handy plugins, such as geometry editing or printing to build more advanced web GIS applications.

By making use of Google Web Toolkit (GWT), applications using Geomajas are really light-weight, as the Javascript is generated and obfuscated at compile time. It also has built-in mechanisms to prevent memory leaks and will appeal to any Java developer.

Main features:

  • Complete web mapping API
  • Full HTML5 & CSS3 support
  • Geometry editing API
  • Printing services
  • Supported layer types: TMS, WMS, OSM
  • Support for "Geomajas Backend Layers" (requires the Geomajas Server project)

Two major versions of the Geomajas Client are available/maintained.

Geomajas Client 1.x

This version is the initial GWT based Geomajas Client. It has incorporated the SmartGWT widget library and contains plenty of features and plugins. This client is dependent on the Geomajas Server.

Geomajas Client 2.x 

This is the latest and improved mapping API. It has been built with speed and flexibility in mind. It does not include any widget libraries or other dependencies. It is as lightweight as possible, making it the perfect choice for cloud based and mobile applications.

The Geomajas Client 2.x is the next generation API, so this is where the community's focus of attention lies. If you are new to Geomajas, this version would be recommended.

Note that a Javascript client is also available using the same API.