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Core Widgets 2.1.1

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The core widget plugin contains a set of widely used widgets in a Geomajas application, as well as some very popular map controllers and events.

The current widget set contains:

  • LayerLegendPanel: a panel that shows the title/legend of a layer and some layer controls
  • MapLegendPanel: a container of LayerLegendPanel instance, one for each map layer

We also have the following map controllers/listeners:

  • FeatureClickedListener: a listeners that sends an FeatureClickedEvent when the user clicks on a feature
  • MouseOverListener: a listeners that that sends an FeatureMouseOverEvent when the user hovers over a feature

Community & Docs

- All related documentation and configuration.
- All related documentation and configuration.
- Visit the Java API docs for this plug-in.

Using this project in maven

In order to use this plug-in in your Maven-project, add the following dependency to the pom.xml: