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The vendor specific pipeline plugin provides custom pipeline definitions that work around some known limitations of vendor-specific data sources. We currently know of the following limitations:

ESRI WFS servers have no support for passing a composite spatial filter consisting of multiple spatial subfilters within a WFS GetFeatures request

Oracle spatial database shows poor performance when passing multiple spatial restrictions in an SQL query. It seems that the Oracle database is not as good as PostGIS in using the spatial index in an optimal way by e.g. reordering filters.

The workaround for both cases turns out to be the same. The Geomajas pipeline applies both a "tile bounds" filter and an "allowed area" filter to the layer. By splitting this up in a two-stage process and only applying the first stage when querying the layer, the spatial filter is reduced to a single "tile bounds" filter. The "allowed area" or security filter has to be applied in-memory in a second stage, of course.

This plugin has been successfully tested on a ESRI WFS server and Oracle database.

Using this project in maven

In order to use this plug-in in your Maven-project, add the following dependency to the pom.xml: