About Geomajas

What is Geomajas?

Geomajas is a collection of free and open source GIS libraries, tools and API's for a complete end-to-end web mapping solution. Its main components are the client and server projects, which have been designed to closely work together.


The client is built upon the Google Web Toolit (GWT) and provides a complete mapping API for the browser, similar to Google Maps. On top of that it also bundles a host of plugins, such as geometry editing or printing. By making use of GWT, applications using Geomajas are really light-weight, as the Javascript is generated and obfuscated at compile time. It also has built-in mechanisms to prevent memory leaks and will appeal to any Java developer.

Main client features are:

  • Complete web mapping API
  • Full HTML 5 support
  • Geometry editing framework
  • Printing services
  • Supported layer types: TMS, WMS, OSM


Now this is where it gets interesting. Altough the client can work autonomously, it's by making use of the server libraries that the true power of Geomajas kicks in. The server provides the concept of "Backend layers". This means that the Geomajas server can act as a 'proxy' for many layer types adding security or business logic or even influencing rendering mechanisms.

Main server features are:

  • Backend GIS layer concept
  • Out-of-the-box security
  • Integrated configurable pipeline mechanism using Spring
  • Clustered caching mechanism
  • Advanced querying capabilities (CQL)
  • Supported layer types: TMS, WMS, Hibernate and any vector based format supported by Geotools (WFS, PostGIS, Shapefile, Oracle, ...)