The Geomajas Do-ocracy

Building and maintaining the Geomajas open source project is the work of many brainstormers, developers, translators, volunteers ... some are friends, some are family, but certainly ... none are fools!

Kudos to all contributors:

  • An Buyle
  • Balder Van Camp
  • David Debuck
  • Didier Van Brabant
  • Dirk Frigne
  • Dosi Bingov
  • Frank Maes
  • Frank Wynants
  • Karel Maesen
  • Kristof Heirwegh
  • Jan De Moerloose
  • Jan Venstermans
  • Jens Fitzke
  • Jens Mortier
  • Joachim Van der Auwera
  • Matthias Streulens
  • Oliver May
  • Pieter De Graef
  • Sebastian Goerke
  • Stefan Hogas
  • Youri Flement
  • Wout Swartenbroekx

Thanks folks!

If for some reason, we might have forgotten to mention you(r contribution), please (a) except our apologies and (b) send a message to webmaster-AT-geomajas-DOT-org so we can add it.
Also, if you have some interesting Geomajas based applications you want to add to the gallery, don't hestitate to get in touch! Cheers.