How to proceed...

By following the "Getting started" guide you will have created your first Geomajas project. So far, so good. But what now?


Actually, there are many options for you to explore at this point:

  • Get involved: by asking questions on the forum or subscribing to the mailing list you can get in touch with other Geomajas developers and share ideas.
  • Documentation: Read up on the extensive developers guide or plug-in documentation to get a better feel of what makes Geomajas tick.
  • Support: Make use of the expertise of Geomajas developers. Contact them through the mailing list.

Start adding functionalities to your own application

In order to add new functionalities or layers to your newly created application, you will have to delve into the documentation for the specific plug-in that you require.
  • For example, if you whish to add a shape file as a vector layer to the application, then visit the documentation for the GeoTools layer plug-in.
  • If on the other hand, you want to change the look and feel of the application, dig into the documentation for the GWT face.