04/04/14Geomajas users meeting

Last night saw another Geomajas meeting, wherein community members came together in a face-to-face meeting regarding Geomajas roadmap. People that follow the mailing list might already know this, but we as an open source community try to meet as often as possible. Last night was an important meeting, as many topics regarding our codebase switch to GitHub were covered.

GitHub offers a lot of options, that we previously did not had. Also many agreements we have are based upon the use of Subversion. Those needed to be updated asap.

06/01/14A new Getting Started for the New Year!

Our best wishes to all Geomajas enthusiasts, users, contributors and community members. We wish you a healthy, fun, challenging, safe, rewarding and inspiring 2014!

We have made several resolutions for this year and will be sharing these in the coming months.

But let's put one intention into action already ... after all ... that's what counts ...

20/09/13FOSS4G Geomajas code sprint yields first results

Excellent work by Pieter and Oliver on the Foss4G conference in Nottingham.

In between attending to visitors at the Geomajas booth, the many presentations they gave/followed, they also managed to release new Geomajas deliverables!

New Geomajas-dep is currently in staging.

GWT archetype is currently in staging.

Votes are running!

Pieter and Oliver coding at the Foss4G Geomajas booth

24/06/13Profiling project 1.1.0 released

The profiling project has seen the release of version 1.1.0.

This is a release assures the JDBC profiling can also be used with older Java runtimes and should be compatible with Java 1.5+


Release notes:

13/03/13Profiling project released

A new project has been added to the Geomajas stable: geomajas-project-profiling.


This is a project which can be used to continuously gather profiling information in a running application. It allows you to get the number of invocations and total/average time. Profiling data can also be grouped to allow total time to be split up over dthe different groups. There is JMX integration to access the data which is gathered and reset the counters.


29/01/13New releases

In the last few weeks there have been a great amount of new releases in the geomajas framework (click the version for release notes):


Improved support for rasterization with SLD and bugfixes for:

12/12/12Project status update

Hi guys,


lately it seems everyone has been so busy working on various plug-ins etc that our mailing list has been incredably active, while at the same time we haven't found the time to actually report our progress on the website...

Therefore, we would like to present a small update of what has been going on these last couple of months. Frankly, most of the work has gone into finishing the PureGWT face. This new client-side API will be a landmark in the Geomajas history (we've been working on it for 18 months now), and we're slowly getting to the finish.

12/09/12New releases including back-end and GWT face

We are proud to announce the following releases:

  • back-end 1.11.1
  • GWT face 1.11.1
  • GeoTools layer 1.10.0

The new features in are limited in these releases, but we have updated to GeoTools 2.7.5, fixed a long list of bugs and generally increased stability. Many smaller features have also been added as a result of feedback from the users.

21/07/12Kristof Heirwegh has joined the PSC

With many supporters, Kristof Heiwegh has been voted to join the project steering committe. Welcome aboard Kristof.

12/07/12Back-end and common-GWT releases

New versions of the Geomajas back-end and the common-GWT face have been released today.

Back-end 1.11.0 includes the following major changes:

  • Extra command for geometry operations.
  • Case-insensitive searching on strings.
  • Update to GeoTools 2.7.5.
  • Some usability improvements and bug fixes.

For this release onwards, Geomajas only supports Java 1.6+

Full full list of changes, see


Common-GWT 1.1.0 includes following major changes:

27/06/12TMS layer 1.0.0 released

Thanks to the great work done by Pieter De Graef, we can announce the initial release of the TMS face.


For documentation, see

25/03/12Feature info and advanced search and filter widgets milestones released

Two new plug-ins have seen a 1.0.0-M1 milestone release.

These releases are done to increase visibilty of the work done but are not final releases. This means that the API may still change.


This feature info widgets plugin contains some more advanced functionality for viewing and formatting feature attribute information. For a description of the plugin, see

For release notes, see


23/02/12Caching and rastering plug-in releases

The caching plug-in has seen a 2.0.0 release.

This version includes many changes, including:

  • upgrade Infinispan to 5.1 (causing API breakage, thus 2.0.0)
  • Infinispan cache provider moved to separate module 
  • fix in dependencies 

For the release notes, see


23/02/12Editing plug-in and utility widget milestones released

Two new plug-ins have seen a 1.0.0-M1 milestone release.

These releases are done to increase visibilty of the work done but are not final releases. This means that the API may still change.


23/02/12GWT face 1.10.0 released

We are proud to announce the release of the GWT face 1.10.0.

This contains a major change to split out code which is useful for the future PureGWT face into the common-GWT plug-in (also released as 1.0.0).

There are many improvements in this release, including