05/07/11static security plug-in 1.8.0 released

This is mainly a bugfix release, specifically assuring serializability of the security context which is needed for caching.

For a full list of change see

05/07/11Geocoder plug-in 1.1.0 released

The changes are bugfixes and some minor improvements.

For a full list of change see

24/06/11GeoTools layer 1.8.0 released

Major improvements include :

24/06/11Geomajas back-end 1.9.0 released

Major improvements in the back-end include :

21/06/11Geomajas 1.9.0 in staging

Hello everyone.

Good news today as the release for the Geomajas backend 1.9.0 has been started. Before a release makes it to the shelves, a staging period is used. During this staging period user can test the new release in their application and leave their remarks on the mailing list. The PSC will than vote for the release to come through or be discarded.

The idea is that every Geomajas release should be tried and tested. If a release is not deemed stable enough, it will never see daylight. So join in and help us test it!


08/06/11EnviroAir 2.0 application

A new Geomajas web application has been added to the project gallery. Although the project is still work in progress, we believe it deserves a place in the list, as it demonstrates some nice features.

The project is done by, and I'm also pleased to announce it's owner, Patrick Way, has become an active committer to the Geomajas project. So kudos to Patrick, and we wish him luck with this future endeavours.

So go over to the project gallery and have a look.

06/06/11Maps in PDF using iText and Geomajas

A nice article about the Geomajas printing plug-in by iText creator Bruno Lowagie:

01/06/11"Mapping, GIS and geolocating data in Java" presentation @ Jazoon

At the Jazoon conference in Zurich, Switzerland, there will be a session about using open source to build GIS and mapping applications. The produtcs which will be mentioned include JTS, GeoTools, uDig, Geomajas and others.



01/02/11Geomajas 1.8.0 released!

The Geomajas project is proud to release Geomajas 1.8.0, the latest stable release. The major advances in this version include:

  • Update to the newest versions of GWT, SmartGwt, ...
  • French language support.
  • Better integration support within non-GWT technologies.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Addition of multiple passive controllers on the map.
  • On-the-fly changing of layer order


For the full list of changes, see:

20/01/11Geomajas GWT face 1.8.0 in staging

As of now, a new version of the Geomajas GWT face has been placed in staging, awaiting community approval to be released. The vote has been started on the mailing list, and will end thursday 27 januari 12:00 CET.

20/01/11Geomajas backend 1.8.0 in staging

As of now, a new version of the Geomajas backend has been placed in staging, awaiting community approval to be released. The vote has been started on the mailing list, and will end thursday 27 januari 12:00 CET.

04/01/11Happy new year!

The Geomajas project team would like to extend our best whishes to anyone out there reading this, and whish you all a happy new year. Our resolutions for this year is to make the Geomajas platform faster, better and more accessible.

18/11/10Geomajas graduated OSGeo!

As of 10 minutes ago, Geomajas has been appointed a full OSGeo project, thereby completing the incubation process. There where no objections from the OSGeo board, so it actually went very smooth.

We would like to thank everyone that has helped in accomplishing this feat from the bottom of our hearts. This means in the first place to the entire Geomajas community, but also to OSGeo itself.

Special consideration here goes to Paul Spencer who acted as our mentor through the incubation process, and without whom this would not have been possible.

Thanks Paul!

28/10/10OSGeo motion for graduation: passed

Good news to all you Geomajas'ers out there.

For 2 weeks there was a motion on the OSGeo incubator mailing list regarding Geomajas graduation. As of this morning, Frank Warmerdam has declared the motion as "passed".

He will now recommend Geomajas graduation at the next OSGeo Board meeting. So within a few weeks Geomajas may become an OSGeo graduated project.

25/10/10Motion started for OSGeo graduation

It was only march of this year that Geomajas joined the OSGeo family as an incubating project. Now, 7 months later, our mentor, Paul Spencer, has formally motioned that Geomajas graduate and become a fully mature OSGeo project.

Although after the motion, there still needs to be a formal vote on the OSGeo board itself, the incubation board has been very supportive indeed with (up intil the time of writing) seven +1 votes.

All comments on the motion have been extremely possitive as well, with statements such as: