23/09/10OpenStreetMaps layer 1.8.0 released

The OpenStreetMap layer 1.8.0 has been released. See for details.

The release vote included graduation, making this the first graduated Geomajas plug-in.

13/09/10Simple Printing plug-in 2.0.0 released

The Simple Printing plug-in 2.0.0 has been released. See for details.

03/09/10geocoder plug-in released

The Geocoder plug-in 1.0.0 has been released. See for details.

The release vote included graduation, making this the first graduated Geomajas plug-in.


30/08/10Project gallery added

As of today, a project gallery has been added to the website (here). This page displays several applications that have been build with the Geomajas technology, and can server as examples of what Geomajas is capable of.

If you want your application to be added to the list, contact us through the forums or mailing list.

25/08/10Geomajas @ FOSS4G 2010

FOSS4G is regarded as the biggest and most influential conference for free and open source software for geospatial. That is why it is an important happening for the Geomajas project to increase visibility.

17/08/10Geomajas 1.7.1 released

Thanks to the hard work of our community, we have been able to release Geomajas 1.7.1.

The biggest improvements occured in the plug-in system. Plug-ins are now automatically registered, allowing extensions and overwriting base services. Plug-ins register their dependencies and Geomajas checks at startup whether the dependent modules are available and compatible. The plug-ins now have an independent release cycle to allow improvements to be easily released.

17/08/10Request for reference projects

On the forum (, a request for reference projects has started. The idea is that providing such projects will increase publicity for everyone involved.

The Geomajas team will create a reference projects page on this website in the near future where all projects will be displayed. 

So, let us know what you have done with the Geomajas framework, and we will let the rest of the world know ;-)

12/08/10Geomajas on maven central

Geomajas artefacts are now being synchronized to the maven central repository.

This will be in effect for all released versions from Geomajas 1.7 onwards.

10/08/10Geomajas 1.7.1 in staging

As a quick follow up on the rejected 1.7.0 release, Geomajas 1.7.1 is currently in staging ready for testing. If no major issues or backward incompatibilities are found, by 8:00 AM August 11th, Geomajas 1.7 will be a fact.


30/07/10Community appeal, help build the roadmap

We want to update the roadmap and need your cooperation.

Please help the project to tell us which features you want to see implemented and how you want the project to evolve.

Join the discussion on our forum or the majas-dev mailing list.

26/07/10Geomajas 1.7.0 rejected due to backward incompatibility

Obviously the bad news is that Geomajas 1.7.0 has been rejected by the community because of a backward incompatibility that was found when using the Dojo face.

The good news on the other hand is that the system works. This was our first attempt at releasing a new version of Geomajas by using the staging methodology. While in staging, many users did indeed try out this new version, and thereby discovered this compatibility issue.

The next 1.7 release attempt is already being prepared, so expect to hear from us soon.

08/07/10Geomajas 1.7.0 in staging

The Geomajas team is proud to announce the latest Geomajas release (1.7.0). This new release focuses in the first place on a new and updated plug-in system where all plug-ins are now independent projects. From Geomajas 1.7.0 on, all plug-ins (and faces) will have their own release cycles. This means that a bug in one of the plug-ins does not require a complete new release of the whole Geomajas project.

22/04/10Geomajas 1.6.0 stable released

Finally, after many months of hard work, we rejoice the arrival of a new stable Geomajas release. Ever since it was first decided to switch focus from javascript (Dojo) to Java (GWT), many obstacles had to be overcome. Now that we are here, it must be said that is was worth it.

Geomajas has been totally transformed into a Java-only, modular, enterprise framework, based upon Spring. The most important changes are:



30/03/10Scheduled Downtime on Friday

On Friday April 2nd 2010 many of the Geomajas systems and services will be unavailable between 8:00 and 10:00 for maintenance purposes. We aim to minimize downtime and apologize for the inconvenience.

29/03/10Geomajas 1.5.4 released


Geomajas 1.5.4 is a release candidate for the stable 1.6.0 release. It shows an impressive list of 127 solved issues!