18/03/10Code sprint results

From March 8th till March 12th, we had a very successful (and fun) Code Sprint in Gent, Belgium.

The team managed to close 45 JIRA issues including new features, showcase samples and bug fixes for the 1.5.4 Release. Major Progress was made in the following areas:


17/03/10IRC meeting regarding Geomajas status

See the full IRC logs on our forum

09/03/10Geomajas enters OSGeo incubation

Today we have the privilige to announce to you the acceptance of the Geomajas open source project as an OSGeo incubation project.

23/02/10Geomajas 1.5.3 community preview released

The Geomajas project is proud to release Geomajas 1.5.0, a technology preview showcasing the progress we are making towards our next stable build.

The major advances in this version include:

29/01/10Geomajas 1.4.3 stable released

Hello there!

The Geomajas project is proud to release Geomajas 1.4.3, our latest stable build.

The major advances in this version include

04/01/10Of happy New Years and releases

First of all I would like to whish everyone reading this a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This will be the year when expectations will rise. Geomajas, and this website, have not been around for long, but steadily we're reaching a mature state that can serve as a base for many a GIS application.
To this end we have released Geomajas 1.5.1 at Christmas day (someone was lonely... ;-)) to show the progress made during the GWT code sprint last year. Note that this release focuses on the GWT face. Not much has changed for the Dojo face.

22/12/09GWT Code Sprint outcome

As a result of last week's code sprint, we have made incredible progress in the GWT face for Geomajas. We are currently discussing an intermediate release (version 1.5.1), so people can check out on the progress we've made during the code sprint (and the weeks before).
A lot has changed since version 1.5.0 (like the introduction of Spring configuration), so it might be worthwile even without the GWT improvements. Remember that this will still be an unstable release.

14/12/09GWT Code Sprint has begun

Today is the first day of the GWT code sprint, organized by Geosparc. The goal is to get a first version of the GWT face up-and-running, with all the functionalities that the Dojo face has. To this end, people from 4 different companies are currently sitting together, working hard to achieve this by the end of the week.

Thanks to DFC, FKS, Real Dolmen and Geosparc for all the work, and hopefully by friday we have first version that we can release (as unstable of course).

03/12/09GWT Code Sprint

Good news for everyone following up on the Geomajas GWT face. In two weeks (14-18 december), the Geomajas team organizes a one-week code sprint, in which we want to create first versions for all widgets and all functionality that the Geomajas Dojo face currently has.

At the moment, most of the basic plumbing for the GWT face has been done; meaning we have our first map, we have event controllers, we have internationalization, we have basic definitions for menu items and toolbar buttons, we have the geometry package, the basic map, layer, tile and feature definitions etc.

18/11/09Project steering committee

Right now a proposal has been published on the majas-dev mailing list regarding the installation of a Project Steering Committee (PSC) for the Geomajas open source project. The PSC is the managing body of an open source project, and should always be fairly and democratically chosen, and that means publicly!

Should you be interested in the process, you can always subscribe to the majas-dev mailing list, or look into the archives. Any and all input is welcome.

20/10/09Technology preview 1.5.0 released

Applying the "release early, release often" mantra, the Geomajas project is proud to release Geomajas 1.5.0, a technology preview showcasing the progress we are making towards our next stable build.

07/10/09New stable release 1.4.2

Only just after the release of Geomajas 1.4.1, we now have Geomajas 1.4.2. The reason for this quick release was twofold. On one hand, there was a backwards compatibility problem between 1.4.0 and 1.4.1 (see MAJ-449), plus some problems with the maven repository (nexus), which caused the wrong file to be downloaded.

So if anyone experienced problems with the 1.4.1 release, quickly grab the new 1.4.2!

28/09/09architecture meeting


On september 30, Geosparc is hosting a face-to-face technical and architecture meeting for the ongoing work towards producing Geomajas 1.5.0.

The meeting will take place @Geosparc, from 10:00 till 14:00

Gaston Crommenlaan 10/101, 9050 Gent-Ledeberg, Belgium

Ask for geosparc at the IBBT reception.

Some of the things which will be discussed :

23/09/09Geomajas 1.4.1 released

The Geomajas team is proud to announce the release of Geomajas 1.4.1. This release completes the work of 1.4.0 by fixing some bugs and presenting one major new piece of functionality: advanced template-based printing. This new feature is our in-house attempt to break with a long-standing tradition of poor web-based printing.