What is the history behind the name of geomajas? How do you pronouce it?

Geomajas is the result of a

Geomajas is the result of a tender from the Flemish (Belgium) government to create an open source GIS application builder. The first version (2007) was called 'geGIS' and still exists separately ( At that time, the application builder was called geGIS, but the backend framework, which could be seen as a separate GIS framework, was called MAJAS. MAJAS stands for Mapping Asynchronously with AJax and Svg.

As the first version was created for a specific tender for the government, it still required some work to really call it a mature framework, but everyone did see the potential that it had. So in 2008-2009 the choice was made to turn the MAJAS into a stand-alone international GIS framework. At that moment we started using the name "geomajas". 

As for the pronunciation: anyway you want ;-)

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