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Summary - Search & Filter

Oliver May

Plug-in Type:Functional extension
Status:Incubation  Code Style rating Provenance review rating Documentation rating Test coverage rating
Compatibility: back-end, GWT face
Support Type:Official Geomajas plug-in

Community & Documentation

Plug-in description

This plugin contains several widgets for advanced query and filtering, incl. spatial search queries.
Where possible the widgets use the default Geomajas communication API, where needed specific commands have been added. Seach & Filter also supports the export of search results to CSV.

Spatial Search Widget
Powerful, yet intuïtive spatial search based on free drawing, geolocation (geocoder) or current selection. Also a buffer option is included.

Search Favourites

Possibility to save a search as a favourite for future re-use.

Combined Search and Filter Widget
The Combined Search and Filter Widget supports combinations of different search and filter queries (e.g. spatial search, search favourite, attribute filter).

Multi-layer List Grid
Search across several layers is possible. The results are presented in a multi-layer list grid - results for each layer are organized in tabs.

Using this plug-in in Maven

In order to use this plug-in in your Maven-project, add the following dependency to the pom.xml: