Geomajas 1.8.0

27/01/2011 15:42

Stable release


The Geomajas project is proud to release Geomajas 1.8.0, the latest stable release. The major advances in this version include:

  • Update to the newest versions of GWT, SmartGwt, ...
  • French language support.
  • Better integration support within non-GWT technologies.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Addition of multiple passive controllers on the map.
  • On-the-fly changing of layer order


For the full list of changes, see:


Source & build notes

Getting the source

What you need:

We use subversion for source version control, so 'll need a subversion client. To build the software, we use maven. We recommend maven version 2.2.1 or above. See the Apache Maven site for more information.

Get the Source Code:

The source code for Geomajas is available at
There you can find the latest version under trunk or the released versions of each part under tags.

Starting to use geomajas:

Maven repository:

The artefacts can be found in our maven repository.