GWT face 1.9.0 released

This release includes a lot of bug fixes and many improvements, including the following:

  • [GWT-16] - Attribute Editors for Associations
  • [GWT-17] - Attribute Formatting for Associations
  • [GWT-39] - Support MultiPoint layers
  • [GWT-191] - Round pan origin to enable caching
  • [GWT-224] - Make the requested tile size configurable
  • [GWT-254] - Add support for association attributes to FeatureListGrid
  • [GWT-201] - Make sure the FormFactory is easily extensible so users can use their own feature attribute forms.
  • [GWT-202] - Add possibility for attributes to be excluded from feature attribute form through configuration
  • [GWT-203] - Add possibility for users to configure the use of custom form items in the feature attribute forms
  • [GWT-213] - Create a default attribute editor for the Many-To-One relationship.

For the release notes, see: