Status update

We wanted to give everyone a heads up on the current status and the near future for the Geomajas project. We have been working so hard these last couple of months that it seems we haven't provided proper updates on what's going on.

Time to rectify that situation. What it all comes down to, is that we are aiming for a 1.10.0 release for the backend and GWT face in januari 2012. This release will also feature a few new plugins, such as rasterization, and SLD support. It's mainly these 2 plugins that are the cause of the huge workload we had to endure lately.

We are also working on providing a system so that every plugin can create it's own showcase, while a general Geomajas GWT showcase will pick up on all the individual plugin showcases and incorporate them.

Work is also being done on an gui for editing SLD files, on a JavaScript API for client-side integration with our GWT face and on a brand new editing plugin (with splitting and merging).

As you can see the list is extensive, so we're really looking forward to getting out this next release so that we can also start releasing the next round of plugins.

Stay tuned.