Geomajas Client Slide

An open source GWT mapping API
for building feature rich Web GIS solutions

  • Supports OGC standards and popular spatial data formats
  • Provides handy widgets and functional plug-ins
  • Integrates with the Geomajas Server
  • Google Web Toolkit | develop Java | compile to Javascript
 May 22, 2014

Geomajas Server Slide

The open source backbone infrastructure 
for advanced Web GIS solutions

  • Spatial Application Server (analysis, transformations, processing, projections)
  • Load and integrate various data sources incl. WMS & WFS, Shape files, OSM and spatial databases
  • Secure your spatial data and solutions
  • Integrate with other enterprise business applications
  • Java framework | Spring configuration
 Apr 30, 2014

Geomajas Main Slide

Geomajas is the open source platform
to create Web GIS applications 

  • Display & edit geographic data from multiple sources
  • Out-of-the-box functionality through plugins & map widgets
  • Enterprise-ready with integrated security
  • Java | GWT | Javascript API
 Apr 29, 2014


The Geometry library provides conversion services to/from JTS.
More information on the JTS Topology Suite can be found here.

 Apr 24, 2014


 Apr 24, 2014