This page lays out the roadmap for the Geomajas project over the next couple of months or years. It will provide a rough description without too much detail. If you wish to see in detail where Geomajas is headed to, visit the issue tracker.

To see the roadmap, issue queue or forum per module, visit the plug-in page.

To see the roadmap of past releases, visit the "past releases" page.


Roadmap mid-term

  • Configuration GUI

A configuration GUI will be delivered which will further improve the usability of the system. With this, users will have access to personalized and dynamic configuration capabilities.


Serious effort will go into supporting more OGC and INSPIRE standards, such as WCS, CS-W, WPS, and so on.

  • Security - Data encryption

In addition to the security features introduced in 1.6, extra encryption will be added for transfer between client and server on one hand, and data transfer from the Geomajas server to it's original data source.

  • Support for more application servers

We want to certify Geomajas on additional Application Servers like Glassfish, JBoss, WebSphere, WebObjects, ...

Roadmap long-term

  • Data versioning

This will provide a general way to add data versioning to the vector layer model. The idea is to have the ability to not only apply versions to changes, but to also provide a way of retracing a past condition. Users want to know what their maps looked like a year or two years ago, in order to compare with the current state.

  • 3D support

Although this functionality is still pretty vague and far away, the general concensus seems to be that the Geomajas project should move in this direction at some point in the future.

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