Plug-in Rating System

All plug-ins in Geomajas have a certain status, expressed by 4 stars; always in the same order. Simply put, they mean the following:

  1. Code style: Has this plug-in met all code style rules as laid out in the Geomajas programming guide? This first start determines overall code quality.
  2. Provenance review: Is the intellectual property for this plug-in accounted for? Also are there no conflicts between the Geomajas AGPL license, and licenses from the libraries used in this plug-in? Users wanting to use certain plug-ins, need to be sure that the plug-ins they use do not carry any legal risks.
  3. Documentation: Is there enough documentation for this plug-in, so that users don't have to ask the basic questions anymore?
  4. Test Coverage: Are there enough unit tests, to make sure that plug-in stability can be guaranteed when new versions are released?


The 4 stars are always in the same order, so let's say for example a plug-in has the following status:
This would mean that the coding style, and provenance review are OK, but the documentation and tests are still lacking.