Server 1.17.0


For Developers

If you want to add the Geomajas Server library to an existing application: read the documentation below.

Community & Docs

- All related documentation and configuration.
- All related documentation and configuration.
- Visit the Java API docs for this plug-in.

Using this project in maven

In order to use this plug-in in your Maven-project, add the following dependency to the pom.xml:
Release Notes


  • [GBE-541] - StyleService generates UUID keys instead of a hash of the style
  • [GBE-542] - When printing to higher DPI image, the nested images are not rendered with the higher DPI
  • [GBE-544] - Labeled tiles don't work anymore. Labels never show.

New Feature

  • [GBE-546] - Allow for custom drawing in print pdf context