Where can I get Geomajas support?

You can get Geomajas community support on the Geomajas developer mailing list. Hook-up on Majas-dev

If you require a more advanced support level, you can obtain professional support from Geosparc.

 Aug 28, 2014

How can I get commit access?

Developers that want to contribute to the Geomajas project can create a pull request on Github which will be handled by a Geomajas developer.

If you are a regular contributor, the Geomajas Project Steering Committee can give you permanent commit rights to the Github repository.

 Aug 28, 2014

Which databases does Geomajas support?

Geomajas can access (spatial) data in RDBMS systems via the Geotools Layer plug-in or the Hibernate Layer plug-in.

Via these plug-ins you can access amongst others PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Oracle Spatial, MS SQL Server and MySQL.

 Aug 28, 2014

Can I use Geomajas to create commercial applications?

Yes you can. Geomajas can be used under AGPLv3. As long as you conform to the AGPLv3 terms and conditions, you can use Geomajas for both commercial and non-commercial applications.

In case you want to lift the restrictions of AGPLv3, you can obtain an alternative license from Geosparc.

 Aug 28, 2014

Where can I download Geomajas?

End users can download the quick start application from the Geomajas website. This application allows you to validate some of the Geomajas capabilities.

Developers can fork the quickstart application on Github here.

 Aug 28, 2014

Does Geomajas support mobile use?

Yes, Geomajas can be used to build mobile applications. In fact, the Geomajas Client 2.X has been built with mobile use in mind and therefor has a very small footprint and touch support.

For Javascript developers, a Javascript API is available.

 Aug 28, 2014

Which spatial data does Geomajas support?

Geomajas supports several spatial data sources through layer plug-ins. The following services and formats are supported:

  • OGC services
    • WMS
    • WFS
  • Other services
    • OpenStreetMap
    • TMS
    • Google
  • Spatial files
    • Shape
    • KML
    • GML
    • all files supported through GeoTools
  • Spatial databases
 Aug 28, 2014

What are the minimum requirements to run Geomajas?

The Geomajas server runs inside an application server, such as Tomcat and a Java Runtime Environment (JRE 1.6 or higher). The minimum heap space to run the server efficiently is 512 MB.

The Geomajas client is accessed via all modern web browsers (both mobile and desktop).

 Apr 30, 2014

On which Operating System does Geomajas run?

The Geomajas Server uses Java so it operates on any Operating System (Linux, Windows, Mac, Unix).

The Geomajas Client runs in all modern web browsers (both mobile and desktop).

 Apr 28, 2014